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On this page you’ll find information on keeping yourself and others safe while attending marches, protests and other events. Tips include knowing your rights, basic first aid, and what to do if things go wrong.

Be Safe

Many of us are new to attending marches and protests and there is a lot of great advice about how to prepare and stay safe. Here we've pulled together some of the advice we've benefited from.

Right to Protest is a great website with comprehensive information on safety preparations and management.

Adapted from this article on what to wear to a protest march, here are our top 10 things to take to a march, protest, or rally.

  • any medications you may need - enough for 12 hours
  • rain poncho
  • phone and portable charger, plus cords for your phone
  • Sharpie - you can use this to make a quick sign or to write down important info on each other - where to meet, phone #s, etc. in case you get separated from your friends or bag
  • identification - bank/credit card and some cash
  • snacks - a little water pouch is lightweight and protein snacks help stave off hunger pains
  • lip balm and/or sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • gum and/or cough drops - your mouth can get dry from lots of chanting
  • bring a sign - don't use a stick to hold it up (it might be considered a weapon), instead use foamboard and cut rectangles for handholds.
  • An Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid
    "In this zine, the Black Cross Collective out of Portland provides a basic overview of first aid and health concerns as they relate to militant protests." (PDF download)

  • How to Stay Safe At a Protest by Planning Ahead
    "Between Saturday's violence and the numerous terrorist incidents that have taken place in 2017 alone, it's natural to be concerned about safety during a protest — especially while one is attempting to carry out free speech, and fight back against hatred, bigotry, and racism. While demonstrations always carry some risks, there are ways to prepare, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned protester."

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