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We are just like you. We are citizens looking for ways to let our elected representatives know we have questions, concerns, opinions, and sometimes gratitude for the decisions they make on our behalf.


No one of us can do everything, but together we can get pretty close. Our goal is to help you discover new ways to connect to the issues that concern you. We will help you learn to make your voice heard. Many issues are inter-connected and we strive to show you ways to quickly and easily support them.

We are the women behind ActionGa. Some of us are moms. Some of us are teachers. Some of us are scientists. All of us are concerned citizens looking to protect communities, civil rights, constitutional liberties, and the planet for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and our fellow humans.

About Us

Liz is a librarian committed to quality information, independent thought, and justice. She's lived all over the country: Tennessee, California, Iowa, and now Georgia with more states in between. Liz has been unabashedly political since the first grade.

Lincoln is a researcher whose focus is on think tanks and race relations. Her favorite author is Octavia E. Butler and she recommends that you read, or read about, her "parable" series.

Paige is passionate about climate justice. Her favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings film trilogy; she may or may not have watched her favorite bits of these rather than tuning into the 2017 inauguration. If you're interested in a book that approaches Buddhist meditation with a scientific flair, she recommends Shenzen Young's “The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works.”

Sarah is a homeschooling mom of four by day and a web developer by night. She vacillates between panic for the planet and anger for social injustice. After the election, Sarah began taking medication to help with her anxiety. It's helping. Her recommended read is the Shades of Magic series because heroes can be flawed, girls can be pirates, and all of us are powerful in our own ways.

Grace is particularly interested in environmental issues, gender equality, and rights for women and girls. She is currently concerned about the cramp in her hand from writing so many postcards to elected officials. Looking for a good read? Try Animal Farm, Waking Up White, I am Malala, Zeitoun, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Beth is a Birkenstock wearing, granola eating, tree hugging activist for earth care and social justice. She has a pile of books on her nightstand that she will probably never get through, but she recently read and recommends This is an Uprising by Mark Engler and Paul Engler.

Miriam is the proud mother of two dogs who remind her to take a breath and enjoy the little things like a good snuggle, or a favourite snack. Her favourite time of day is just before a major storm rolls in and the wind blows the heat away while dark clouds fill a sunny sky, and she is committed to protecting those things as best she can. Miriam recommends reading Outcasts United to learn more about local Atlanta social justice, and any book by Tana French to get lost in a good mystery.

Amy has three children, and she has had the privilege of home schooling them for 16 years. Web design captured her interest over a decade ago, and soon after, she began donating her work to causes she believes in. Amy feels human rights are equal for everyone, and, with her kids, hopes to spread this view.

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.”

-Barbara Mikulski